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A collaborative art project that explores mental health and the way we see ourselves.
A LOOK WITHIN (1080 × 1080 px) (2).png


A Look Within is a collaborative art show that focuses on mental health and the way we see ourselves. Created by Owen Braley, the show aims to both expand the conversation around mental health as well as raise money to improve mental health resources and accessibility in Denver. Incorporating photos, videos, and a variety of interactive elements, the show reveals the inner conflict of eighteen Denver residents including Owen himself. 

“Through this exhibit, I wanted to show that struggles with mental health are unique to each of us, and to acknowledge that we all have issues we grapple with,” said Owen. “There’s no simple solution, but I believe that by normalizing conversation around mental health, people who are in need will be more willing to start their own conversations.”

A special thanks to all the participants, partners, and people who helped bring this project to life. There is strength in vulnerability. There is power in connection. And just know, you are never alone.


Click each portrait to watch participants talk about a story or memory that they believe shaped them into who they are today.

The Stories
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